Pokemon Master
General of the Light Alliance
Chosen one of Giratina
Important Information
Gender Female
Pokemon Espeon, Blastoise , Umbreon , Gardevoir , Fearow , and shiny Rapidash
region Johoto
Status Alive, 15 years old
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Pink
Height 5"6
Pokedex Full


Pink -member of nothing
-Pokemon Lover

 coolpinkcat-Peace, Love,and Demigods Forever! 00:03, February 6, 2012 (UTC)

Hi I'm pink


General Pink -member of Light Alliance
-Powers of Giratina

 coolpinkcat-Peace, Love,and Demigods Forever! 00:03, February 6, 2012 (UTC)

Giratina has chosen me I feel so honored.


She was born in the nothern part of The Johto region in Ecruteak City. She wanted to be a trainer with all of her will. When she turned 10 she went to Professor Daisy Oak and chose Eevee as her partner. She could not wait to become a pokemon master. Once Eevee and her had trained and picked up a few pokemon she decided it was time for her to challenge Morty the leader of the gym in her home town. After a long battle Pink defeated Morty and reseaved the Fog Badge. After this she went on to defeat the other gym leaders in the Johto League. While traveling through the Johto region she came across a ponyta. But this ponyta looked different, after looking closer she realized it was a Shiny Ponyta! To catch ponyta she used her Bastoise. After catching it she trained hard to evole it.During a battle at the Cianwood City gym Ponyta evolved and Pink had a Shiny Rapidash. After this she went on to obtain all the starter pokemon's from all the different regions. Along the way she reseived a a sunshard and evoled her starter pokemon Eevee into an Espeon.


National Pokedex complete


179511 13Oct10 DSCF6384



Lunch box


Espeon-nicknamed: Amethyst- level:100 -Abilities:Psychic, Swift, Quik attack, morning sun
  • Espeon
  • Umbreon
  • Blastoise
  • Shiny Rapidash
  • Gardevior
  • fearow

Umbreon-nicknamed: Midnight- level:100-Abilities:Faint attack, moonlight, Pusuit, Hyperbeam

Blastoise-nickname: Ace-level:100-Abilities:Hydro pump, Skull bash, Focus punch, Iron tail

Shiny Rapidash-nickname:Azul- level:100-Abilities: Mega Horn, Fire Blast, OverHeat, Giga impact

Gardevior-nickname: Rose-level 100-abilities: Psychic, Hyperbeam, Shadow ball, future sight

Fearow-Flame nickname:Ember -level 100-Abilities: Fly,Heat Wave, Sky Attack, Drill Peck


she is very sweet and nice. She loves pokemon more than anything. She loves to read about ancient pokemon. She loves to battle even if she knows she will not win.

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