This is the Battle page for Mt. Silver.All battles on the mountain are inserted here.

Gray vs PinkEdit

Gray:Ok ready?

Pink: Of course.

Gray:Go Thunder!

Thunder:Pika Pi!*Hops off Grays Shoulder*

Pink: Go Flame!

Flame: Fearow! *waits further instructions*

Gray:Looks like I got the type advantage.Thunder use Thunder!

Thunder:Pik-a-chuuu!!!*Uses it and it hits Flame*

(Fearow takes 150 damage)

Pink: No problem, Fearow use Drill Peck

!Fearow: Fear-ow! *Uses Drill Peck, and hits Thunder*

(Takes 50 damage)

Gray:Wow this is turning in my Favor.Thunder Special move Thunderbolt!

Thunder:Pikapikapikachu!*Uses it on Flame*

Pink: Crap (fearow takes 200 dmage) Can I change Pokemon?

Gray:Sure right after this.Finish it off with Electro Ball!

Thunder:Pika!*Finishes off Flame*

Pink:*sighs* This is totally not my day, Fearow return*Fearow returns to pokeball* Okay um Alright Rose come on out!

Rose: Gardenvoir.

Gray:Thunder Return.Go Mewthree!


Pink: Thank god your not a bad guy. Okay Rose use Shawdow Ball!

Rose: Garnevoir! *Shawdow ball hits Mewthree*

(50 Damage)

Gray:Mewthree use Double Team!

Mewthree:MEW!*20 Mewthree's appear and shuffle around*