The Light Alliance is an Organization that has been around since the beginning of the New Era.


In the Shadow Era Arceus chose a hero.His name was Omega and he was chosen to take down the Shadow Pokemon and Shadow Legion.He knew he couldnt do it alone so he put together the Light Alliance.They went to war with the Shadow Legion and beat Shadow Arceus after 10 years of war.They never disbanded as the Shadow Legion continued to try and revive Shadow Arceus.After awhile Omega finally died of a Supernatural age of 200 Years Old.They took his sword and sealed it off so the Shadow Legion would never get ahold of him.They continued to go to war with the Shadow Legion and finally compressed them to a small unit.Years afterwards they discovered Gray's existence.They took him in and made him the leader.

HQ LocationEdit

It is located in Mt.Silver.The only way in is to be brought by a member or come face to face with the Shadow Legion and beat them in a battle.You will later recieve a note about where to go and how to brake the seal.The seal is outside of the cave on the door and looks like the symbol above