This is a page for battleing when Koto chalanges an other trainer.

Koto VS Gray!Edit

Gray:Let's get this over with

Koto:You ready?

Gray:I was ready before I met you

Koto: Then send out a pokemon.

Gray:Why?I could just use my powers.

Koto: Cuz this is a pokemon battle

Gray:Fine whatever.Go Thunder!


Koto: Go Āsu!

Āsu: Torterra!

Gray:*Sigh*Thunder use electro ball

Thunder:Pika! Uses electroball

Asu: *is unafected* Tort.

Koto: Asu! Use toxic!

Asu: *Does*

Gray:Thunder Return!I forgot that technique.Go Lavahog!


Gray:Use Flame Charge now!

Lavahog:EMBOAR!! Uses it

Asu: *Takes 200 damage*

Koto: U ok Buddy?

Asu: *Tor*

Koto: Alright. Use Earthquake!

Asu: *Does*

200 damage is done


Gray:I know I know Lavahog.It has been awhile we had a good battle


Gray:Later now use Fire Charge again!

Lavahog:EMBOAR*Uses it*

Asu: *grunts as he takes 200 dmg*

Koto: Its ok Asu. They're complimenting us. Here *uses Full restore* now. USE Swords dance!

Asu: *does*

Gray:Lavahog use Arm Thrust!


Asu*Takes 120 dmg* TORTERRA!

Koto: Asu. Do it.


Gray:200 hit points left...Lavahog Return

Koto: Good job Asu. Get ready. also use Swords Dance again

Asu: *does*

Gray:You provided a good battle but can you beat my next poke- aaaagggghhh!!*Falls on his knee's holding his head*


Asu: *Runs up to him* Tor tor!

Gray:Not again!!!*His eyes turn completely white and he falls down more to his stomach*

Koto: Asu comeback *gets back Asu* Go Whatabeast! *Trows out Whatabeast* Fly me and Gray to the nearest Hospital!

Gray:I'm ok...I think...

Koto: You sure?

Gray:Just a vision...Not a good one though

Koto:Lets just call it a draw then . What did you see?

Gray:Viridian Forest is Under Attack!

Koto: WhataBeast! Lets go. *climbs on Him* You got your own ride?

Gray:My own ride?I have the powers of a pokemon!

Koto: OK *Flies off*

Battle End. Winner: Draw.