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Making an account/registering on WikiaEditEdit

If you have already registered for wikia you can skip this. If you are brand new to RP wikis and/or wikia in general, please read below:

In your right hand corner will be two options. Log in or Sign up. Click Sign up and it will take you to a registration page. Please fill in the information and you will be registered. You can personalize your account by clicking the right hand corner again. which now shows your name and a picture. Change the picture and write a description of yourself if you want to. It will also show you when you joined this wikia and how many edits on pages you have done. Ask me if you need any other questions on this area please reply on My Talk page by simply clicking theWrite Message button on the top and saying your question.

Making a CharacterEdit

After you registered or joined this wikia, it's time to make a character! You can start by filling out this small Character info sheet. This just covers the basics of your role play character. You can fill it out on the Enrollment page. just type in the character's name in the box and click Get Enrolled. Do this at Character Approval YOUR CHARACTER MUST BE APPROVED BEFORE YOU MAKE IT A PAGE!

Here is the info sheet.Edit

It is also On the Claim page layout.

1) Name
2) Age (If any)  
3) History
4) Group you want to enter:   
5) Reagan
6) Weapons/Equipment/Gear
7) Personality
8) Appearance

After you are claimed, you will out these on a page, but make it section in a heading 2.

Getting a word bubbleEdit

fill this out then ad }} or {{ to the beginning and the end:

{{Word Bubble

|image = 
|color = 
|color2 =
|textcolor = 
|textcolor2 = 
|line = 
|fonttype = 
|charname = 
|charpage = 

|Page Name =
|group = 
|title = 
|time = 
|text =