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HP Edit

All Pokémon have can have up to 600 hp based on levels

Starting from

Level 1-10: 30 HP

Level 11-20: 50 HP

Level 21-30: 100 HP

Level 31-40: 200 HP

Level 41-50: 300 HP

Level 51-60: 350 HP

Level 61-70: 400 HP

Level 71-80: 500 HP

Level 90-100: 600 HP

Attacking Edit

Your attack do as much damage as your LVL. STAB are always counted and add half of what it would be to your attack. For odd numbers and demimales round down. Formula for STAB: X+half of X= Y I.E. 5+2=7 so the other pokemon would take 7 damage Weakness and recictance follow the rules on the pokemons bulbapedia[1] page. . Shiny does not make attacks more powerful. Moves that change stats add or remove 5 from each following attack I.E. the move Swagger ups the opposing pokémons attack so it will do 5 more damage. Adding defense or lowering the opposing pokémons attack removes 5 HP from the next attack. Special Attack and Special defence work the same, but add/remove 10 to STAB moves and resistance. We do not use Moves that add weather. Moves that add HP add your lvl or what the move says to add. (I.E. Giga drain still adds half of the attack). Moves that ganertee a one hit KO in the games does three times your lvl.

Status Problems Edit

Here is how stat problem work. If the move guarantees the stat problem they get it. Otherwise weaknesses (to the move type) get stat problems.

Burn: Does 10 damage every turn for 5 turns

Sleeping: Keeps from attacking for 5 turns

Paralysis: Allows the defending pokémon to attack twice whenever it choses for 5 turns.

Poison: Does 30 damge for 7 turns.

Freeze: Keeps from attacking for 7 turns. Fire types only cannot attack for 3 turns if frozen.


Each Trainer get a set ammount of items for each battle.

1 Full Restores

3 Max Potions

5 Hyper Potions.

2 Full Heals

3 of each Status Problems healers.


Exp ad Leveling UpEdit

Your pokemon get's the exp lvl of what ever the opposing pokemon's lvl is, so if you beat a lvl 6 pokemon, then you get 6 exp. You need twice your lvl in exp to lvl up, untill lvl 50. Once you reach lvl fifty you need three times the lvl your pokemon is to lvl up. Check bulbapedia for when a pokemon would lvl up.